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[ PDF Version ] Encountering the Unusual As I approached the small town of Goldshire, I was already aware that something was different.

There were people everywhere: outside by the stable, sitting on the grass, fighting by the lake, and even jumping on the roof of the local blacksmith.

Blizzard has publicly clarified its policy on "in-game harassment" in World of Warcraft and stressed that it is actively policing the issue, after complaints were raised about erotic role-play in a certain inn on a certain US server.

It seems the Goldshire Inn - which is in the starting area for the game's race of humans - on the North American role-playing server Moon Guard has become a notorious hot-spot for lewd, in-character behaviour.

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"We hear perennial complaints about spots in our game where this activity is said to take place, and Moon Guard Goldshire appears in that list with some regularity," said the rep.

"Members of our Customer Services team will 'patrol' Goldshire on Moon Guard on a regular basis, and take appropriate action for individuals violating the Harassment Policy." Saucy role-players be warned: keep it private, because the fantasy sex police never sleeps.

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