Updating solaris

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To do that, you should use the following command: This will create a new BE for you, with a very generic name, unless you choose to override it with an extra pkg flag, such as "--be-name sol11_1", Once you have done this, and rebooted, your machine should now be at Solaris 11.1, as shown by either .

You must use either "uname -v", or "uname -a", to see 11.1 mentioned anywhere.

Some people have had difficulty attempting to merge the two, even though it should be possible.

As such, it is probably simpler to mount the update repo (sol-11_1-upgrade-repo.iso) as its own separate repo, update from that, and then change your pkg publisher configuration to point to a newer one, once that intermediate upgrade is complete.

Before you transfer newer packages into your local repository, make sure your repository server is running the same or a newer version of the Oracle Solaris 11 OS as the version for which the packages you plan to copy are built.

For example, if the server is running Oracle Solaris 11 and you want to update your repository to the Oracle Solaris 11 Update 1 repository, update the server to Oracle Solaris 11 Update 1 before you update your repository.

For more information see https://support.oracle.com/CSP/main/article ? Any other license terms that may be included in or with the Program shall not apply.

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I've thus put together a streamlined procedure of how to get from an older Solaris 11, to the newer one. The output should look something like the following: What you most care about, is the four fields under VERSION, to the right of 0.5.11.

As we all know that we can’t directly upgrade from Solaris 10 to Solaris 11.

But from Oracle Solaris 11 onwards, when you perform the update ,system will automatically move to major version without any additional efforts.

Within the constraints of the image policy regarding BEs, you can control the creation of new and backup BEs using the options described below.

See Boot Environment Policy Image Properties for information about new BEs and backup BEs and how to set image policy regarding BEs.

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