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You can schedule and update appointments, events, meetings, and view to-do lists without the mess.With a few tips up your sleeve, you can increase your productivity, ease collaborative tasks, and override a few annoying defaults and behaviors.1- If the user didn’t have cached mode enabled for Shared Folders, but already had 10 calendars configured on their profile, and then if later on we enable cached mode for Shared Folders, these 10 calendars will be “downloaded” onto the OST file when users access these only – not all at once.2- If the user has already cached mode enabled for Shared Folders, it’s when they will add each calendar that Outlook will download a copy of the calendar the first time.So in conclusion, the calendar update (for cached mode) or calendar access (for online mode) occurs only when the user clicks on the calendar or switches from the “Mail” view to the “Calendars” view.If you have exported your Studio Cloud calendar to Outlook (see Export your Studio Cloud Calendar to Outlook 2007), you may want to change the refresh or update rate of the calendar.Are all calendars downloaded as the user opens Outlook ?Or is the download in the OST of Shared Calendars done on access basis only?

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What if the Outlook (2010, 2013) user has checked the “download Shared folders” to cache all Shared folders locally ?

But if they uncheck the box beneath the shared calendar name, and don’t access it for a while, and then after 1 month they check the box beneath this shared calendar because they need to access it, Outlook will update the data with the data from the last month since last time they accessed it.

Updates download of calendars is on access only when “Download Shared folders” is checked on Outlook (2010, 2013) As a summary, if the user has cached mode enabled, calendars will be updated when they will access the calendar, if users doesn’t have cached mode enabled, calendar connection will be on access only as well.

If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

One of our managers has a few calendars of his employees that he has permissions to view the calendar items of their work calendar.

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