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We get some arguments between Frankie and her boyfriend about her need to post every life choice on line to let all her online buddies weigh in, but "Lives"'s heart 't really feel in on the discussion.Instead, the concept introduces the episode's major theme: the face that we hide away forever, the face that we keep in a jar by the door, and the gap between the two.Two Sides of the Same Coin A Post-Nobody's Fault One-Shot A/N: I was just so in love with "Nobody's Fault" and "Chase", that this little one-shot came to mind. Chase knew it was cliché, but he really feel like his legs were on fire.He had returned from physical therapy an hour ago, and the pain was just now starting to subside (but that was only from the high dose of morphine that made him hazy), leaving him with a pronounced soreness that permeated every muscle in his arms and legs.Chase broaden his range in one of the funniest montages in recent history as he, House and Wilson all tried their hand at speed dating. This episode did a nice job playing off the "secrets" theme as the patient, Frankie (Laura Prepon of ), was a blogger who detailed the minutia of her daily life for the public to read and comment on, much to her boyfriend's dismay.

Plus, we got a chance to see the normally stoic Dr.

For a patient suffering from a mystery illness she seemingly has nothing to hide.

That is of course, until House deduces the one thing she doesn't write about are her trips to the bathroom, her "crap" being the critical puzzle piece that leads to an accurate diagnosis.

The third had been when his sister had ceased to speak to him because no matter how he tried, no matter how he agonized, he couldn't help her cease her drinking.

The fourth had been a mixture of the Dibala debacle and Cameron leaving. The only thing that had prevented his death was Adams plugging the hole in his heart with her finger.

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