Dating yamaha acoustics

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3M 3M is a company more people think of for sticky notes or scotch tape however the conglomerate makes a full line of accessories and films for video, laptop and HDTV use under their Vikuiti line. A/D/SA/D/S is a speaker company best known for their car audio products but in the 1970's and 1980's they successfully sold mid-priced audio speakers. Some of the sub-brands include Dussun, Original, XLH and O sound racks. AAD Loudspeakers AAD Loudspeakers was founded by Phil Jones, AAD designs a range of loudspeakers for home applications to PA models.

A/D/S is best known for their "plate" car stereo speakers. AAA-Audio AAA-Audio is a direct reseller of audiophile electronics from Asia (but seem to be sold in the U. AAD is better known as a behind-the-scenes (OEM) maker of audiophile speakers for some of the bigger electronics companies that...

Salesmen distributed the products far and wide, making them available in general, small town furniture and dry goods stores.

Country guitar pickers and blues musicians living in areas of the South and in Appalachia, far from the city, frequently played Oscar Schmidt instruments because they were both inexpensive and available locally.

By the early 1900s, the company had five factories in Europe and a factory on Ferry Street in Jersey City.

They made all kinds of stringed instruments, guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, zithers, and Autoharps®. Oscar Schmidt instruments were sold in many rural parts of the country where no music stores existed.

Each guitar is painstakingly crafted by the most skilled woodworkers, painters and builders in the business.

Much like mapping the human genome, Home Theater has taken the time, effort and care to outline many (if not all) of the best audiophile, videophile and specialty AV brands.

Instantly access alternate tunings with the turn of a knob.

Inspire your playing with pristine acoustics and eclectic instruments like sitar and banjo.

With Variax HD technology, every instrument is presented in stunning depth and detail.

And the possibilities are even greater when you add a POD For the most discerning guitarists, James Tyler Variax US Custom Series electric guitars deliver unparalleled quality and supreme playability.

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