Dating when you have children

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The end of a marriage and the consequent process of a divorce can be traumatic enough to put a man or woman off the thought of ever dating again.But if there are kids in the scene, going out to meet new singles seems completely out of the question.I think I preferred the equally irritating “Are you going to lose weight for your wedding’ question instead! Get all hot and flustered and slightly embarrassed and irritated in equal measure, that now everyone appears to be interested in my sex life and something so personal, private and intimate.

Sure, your child may be the apple of your eye but there comes a time when you just want some companionship and adult interaction.I scoured the Internet for advice about dating people with kids. I got the same advice from multiple people: "Be yourself." OK, what next? We were on and off, and it wasn't the healthiest relationship I've ever been in.The only books I could find were about step-parenting. Considering the divorce rate in this country, I thought finding the advice would be easy. *crickets* My relationship with this man continued for... But I did learn a LOT about the kiddos and how to deal with them.As I’ve discovered at 3 years into marriage people think it’s more and more pertinent to ask, as if it is completely abnormal for us not to have had children by now.From societal expectations when dating to: ‘when are you getting married? There is no one size fits all formula with marriage anymore.

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