Dating violence bystander

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The Green Dot training took things a step further and discussed in more detail how to recognize the signs of dating abuse when they occur, which is something the other programs paid only cursory attention to and which is oftentimes more difficult than recognizing a couple at a party where one member is clearly too drunk to give consent.

But a good violence prevention program needs to go beyond the mere identification stage and provide concrete advice on how to intervene in potentially violent or abusive relationships when they occur.

We’d all like to think that we’re good enough people to step in when a situation is clearly abusive or violent, or at least good enough people to do something – like calling the police or asking an authority figure to call security.

But the unfortunate truth is that even in the clearest instances of IPV, people rarely intervene. ” conducted an ‘experiment’ on the subject by secretly filming two actors pretending to be a couple sitting on a bench in a public park, with the man pretending to be increasingly violent toward the woman.

There are many organizations and programs doing bystander work, below are some of those programs.

Many of the programs highlighted in this section have online training materials and other resources available online.

Circle of 6 (webpage) The Circle of 6 App won the White House Apps Against Abuse Challenge in 2011. is the bystander intervention campaign by Hollaback! Also, see the Prevent Connect interview I’ve Got Your Back: Bystander Intervention for Street Harassment and infographic How to intervene if you see harassment happening.

Addressing the violence is one way to handle the situation.

Let both individuals know that what is occurring isn’t right.

Reassure the mistreated partner that he or she is undeserving of these actions and inform the violent partner that this behavior is unacceptable and dangerous.

We are proud to be a technical assistance provider for the U. Department of Justice, Office o Violence Against Women Campus Program.

To learn more about that initiative, please visit our OVW Technical Assistance section. to support their amazing efforts to address street harassment.

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